Partnership with Moa Woma

Capitol Foods and Moa Woma (Rural Women’s Development Cooperative Society) have entered a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the processing and marketing of dried and fermented cocoa beans into cocoa powder and butter. This joint venture aims to harness local resources and expertise to produce high-quality cocoa products for both local and international markets.

Moa Woma is part of a project funded by the European Union, and managed by Welthungerhilfe that aims to build their capacity with trainings, financial support, and equipment supply.


Project Description:  

Facility Hosting and Equipment Provision: Capitol Foods will host and provide space for Moa Woma’s equipment and machinery required for the processing and marketing of cocoa powder and butter.

Marketing and Advertisement: Capitol Foods will take charge of advertising and marketing the cocoa powder and butter products, both locally within Sierra Leone and internationally, leveraging their existing networks and expertise in the industry.

Capacity Building: Capitol Foods will provide comprehensive capacity-building training programs for staff and cocoa farmers associated with Moa Woma. These programs aim to enhance skills and knowledge related to cocoa cultivation, processing techniques, quality control, and business management.

Procurement of Cocoa Beans: Capitol Foods will outsource dried and fermented cocoa beans produced by the farmers associated with Moa Woma, ensuring a consistent and sustainable supply chain for cocoa processing activities.

Logistical Support: Capitol Foods will facilitate logistical support and transportation services for the efficient evacuation of cocoa beans from the farm gate to the processing center or warehouse. This includes coordinating transportation arrangements and ensuring timely delivery to maintain the freshness and quality of the cocoa beans.  

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