Established in 2013 by the collaborative efforts of Hamza and Nour Hashim, and based on the legacy of their fathers Hasan and Hashim Hashim, Capitol Foods emerged as a dedicated force in Sierra Leone’s agricultural landscape. More than a company, it embodies a commitment to nurturing lives and empowering local farmers. Our journey goes beyond cocao and fruits, it’s a profound dedication to sustainability. Achieving certifications such as Organic EU & NOP and Free Trade marked a milestone, affirming our pledge to ethical farming and quality production.
Capitol Foods stands as a professional testament echoing the resilience and determination of farmers, ensuring each product represents not just the taste but a narrative of empowerment, community enrichment, and the sustainable growth of Sierra Leone’s agricultural legacy.

Nurturing Lives Whilst Empowering Farmers



At Capitol Foods, our mission is to nurture lives by producing premium cocoa and fruit products that enrich the well-being of our consumers. Simultaneously, we empower farmers through sustainable practices, fair partnerships, and market access, fostering economic growth. Our vision is a thriving, interconnected ecosystem where quality sustains communities and communities nurture quality. ​​

  • Excellence in Every Fruit, Integrity in Every Batch.

  • From Our Fields to Your Home with Care and Conscience.

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Hamza Hashim

CEO of Capitol Foods

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