GIZ’s PPP: Establishing an Integrated Sourcing Network to Increase Fruit and Cocoa Supply

Capitol Foods has partnered with GIZ, an international cooperation service provider for sustainable development and international educational work, to improve the employment situation of farmers and other participants in the company’s value chain. This project aims to create employment opportunities, increase income, and enhance the overall employment situation across every segment of the fruit and cocoa processing value chain.

As part of this initiative, we will undertake several key actions:

• Working with Farmers: Through collaboration with local stakeholders, we aim to register 2000 farmers, with a focus on empowering 30% women and 30% youth. Training programs will enhance produce quality, ultimately boosting incomes. 


• Recruiting Sourcing Agents: To ensure the procurement of high-quality produce and maintain strong community ties, we’re bringing onboard 50 sourcing agents. They’ll undergo comprehensive training to guarantee timely deliveries to Capitol Foods.


• Establishing Buying Centers: Fifty strategically positioned centers will facilitate efficient produce collection and storage, overseen by our dedicated sourcing agents.


• Cocoa Processing Expertise: By enlisting the expertise of a cocoa processing specialist, we’ll optimize production and foster skill development among local staff.


• Strengthening Transportation: Through partnerships with private providers, we’re enhancing transport capacity to expedite produce delivery, ensuring freshness and efficiency.


• Enhancing Processing and Packaging: Upgrading machinery and packaging will not only support sustainable sourcing practices but also bolster farmer incomes.


• Developing a Management Information System: Our comprehensive Management Information System will streamline registration, track sourcing, and ensure transparency, benefiting both farmers and Capitol Foods alike.

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