European Union’s Grant: Innovative Model Combining Block Farming and a Digital Platform to Enable a Sustainable Pineapple Supply Chain

Financed by the EU Delegation in Sierra Leone, and partnering with Fair Match Support and Jula consultancy, this project focuses on creating a 125-acre block farm to optimize pineapple farming operations. Empowering local farmers with sustainable methods and modern techniques not only improves their livelihoods but also contributes to Sierra Leone’s economic development and food security goals. 

As part of this initiative, we will undertake several key actions:

• Training Farmers: Through comprehensive training programs, our block-farm farmers will have gained essential technical skills and knowledge. They will be proficient in implementing advanced agricultural practices, optimizing productivity, and ensuring sustainable farming methods. 

• Developing a Digital Extension Tool: Our team is in the process of developing a Digital Extension Tool to facilitate seamless communication between out-growers, the block-farm, and Capitol Foods. This tool will foster peer learning and collaboration among farmers, enhancing their access to valuable resources. 

• Establishing Sourcing Operations and Logistics: We are in the process of establishing robust sourcing operations and logistics to connect the block-farm, out-growers, and Capitol Foods processing plant. Once in place, these operations will ensure the efficient management of the supply chain, enabling the seamless delivery of high-quality produce to our processing facilities.

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